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Stitch a Smile with our Kawaii Cat Cross Stitch Pattern

animals cross stitch - cute chibi kawaii anime cat pattern

This adorable cross stitch pattern features a charming and cheerful kawaii-style cat with big round eyes, rosy cheeks, and a sweet smile. The cat is designed in a minimalist style with simple lines and shapes, making it easy to stitch and perfect for beginners.

The pattern includes a vibrant color palette with pastel hues and bright accents, giving the design a playful and lively feel. The cat is surrounded by a border of delicate flowers and hearts, adding a touch of whimsy and charm.

animals cross stitch - cute chibi kawaii anime cat pattern

With its delightful combination of cuteness and simplicity, this kawaii-style cat cross stitch pattern is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. It’s a great project for those who love cats and all things kawaii, and it would make a perfect gift for friends or family members who appreciate handmade crafts.

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Full cross stitch

In the color map in the order of columns you will find:

  • the color sample;
  • the sign that is used on the design;
  • the floss code and after “x” the number of threads that you should put into the needle;
  • the number of crosses of this color on the design;
  • the number of flosses (6 strands having 8 meter length), when a slash sign is used, the number of strands of a whole floss is shown.

For mixed colors, floss codes and the number of threads are displayed for both colors.

Full cross stitch on the design is a full-size sign and should be stitched in an ordinary way.

Guide to create cross-stitching designs on your own

3/4 stitch + 1/4 stitch

This type of stitch is displayed as a sign, separated into 4 parts, where 3 parts have the same color and 1 differs. It can be stitched as one whole diagonal stitch and one as a half-diagonal stitch of the same color, and the rest half diagonal stitch of another color.

Guide to create cross-stitching designs on your own

Other types of stitches

There also can be crosses having two diagonal stitches of different colors, upper and lower parts of the cross of different colors. If the color that should not be stitched is selected, there can be crosses that do not have some parts stitched.

Guide to create cross-stitching designs on your ownThere also are other options.

Pattern center

The center of the design is marked with red color. It is simpler to start from the center of fabric and not to calculate which side to start from.

Guide to create cross-stitching designs on your own

1 thought on “Stitch a Smile with our Kawaii Cat Cross Stitch Pattern”

  1. Too funny…or maybe not funny at all! My animal lover daughter would never go for the trap thing. She would want to capture and keep them all as pets!! What about a cat? Or a herd of cats to eat the mice? I have a Mom cat and three 5 month old kittens I would give you in a flash if you lived closer!! We rescued a Mom and 5 kittens back in April…found homes for two…still have the rest. Anyway, good to hear from you. Very well written blog!!

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