50+ Etsy Holiday 2022 Trends with Low-Competition Niches and Listing Ideas to Sell Right Now!
50+ Etsy Holiday 2022 Trends with Low-Competition Niches and Listing Ideas to Sell Right Now!

15 Gifts For Friends and Family That Will Make You Happier And Support Your Loved Ones

15 Trendy Listing Ideas For The Kind Of Person Who Likes To Be In Style

Etsy - what to sell on holidays search trends 2022

Trendy and Stylish items are always good idea to start selling on Etsy this season. I read whole Etsy report about the trending searches and gift ideas and showing you, what items having low competition now, so go ahead and use them in your business:

15 Unique Gift Ideas for Decoration your Home This Holiday Season - Best Trending Search Results from Home Decor Section:

If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate your home this holiday season, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of 15 unique gift ideas for decoration your home this holiday season. Our list includes best trending search results from home decor section.

Etsy - what to sell on holidays search trends 2022

  1. The first item on our list is a compass wall art that will make any room look stylish and elegant.
  2. The second item is an adorable advent candle or hurricane candle holder will bring joy to any homebody heart during winter time.
  3. The third item is an awesome set of 4 mushroom mugs that can be used as serving morning coffee or just as decorative pieces on your kitchen countertop or dining table.
  4. Candle making kit or Paint by number kit can be amazing product idea for cozy family evening.

Also check those keywords, if you are making furniture and working with wood crafting. If you are involved in the wood crafting industry, you must be aware that there are many new, innovative materials available. Plywood and particle board have replaced traditional solid wood furniture manufacturing to a significant degree. They offer comparable strength and durability with a much lower cost and weight.

Check these profitable and amazing ideas for your Craft Etsy Shop:

  • wine rack

  • bed frame queen

  • bed frame

  • pressed flower frame

Don’t forget about Advent Calendars For Kids this season - Here are really good and profitable ideas for your digital prints shop:

Etsy - what to sell on holidays search trends 2022

It’s the holiday season and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to make money! This year, give your shop a boost by offering Advent Calendars for Kids. These products are really popular among children and parents - especially during this time of year.

  • advent calendar fillers

  • advent calendar for adults

  • advent calendar for kids

  • perpetual calendar

  • advent calendar printable

  • fabric advent calendar

  • advent calendar bags

  • advent calendar wood

  • felt advent calendar

  • advent candle holder

Check These Unique Christmas Prints to use in your holiday products and make them unique

Games only for Kids? How about no? Listings ideas for Everyone who making board games and accessories:

Etsy - what to sell on holidays search trends 2022

Board games are a great way for friends and family to get together for some fun time. There's something about the tactile experience of flipping over cards and moving pieces around the board. It's no wonder that board games have been a favorite pastime of many for centuries.

  • nemesis board game

  • vision board printables

  • pendulum board

  • board game insert

  • board game accessories

  • board game table

Pet Lovers - We are here for you - Start creating products for dog and cats moms and dads - don’t miss the opportunity show your creativity.

Etsy - what to sell on holidays search trends 2022

We are here for you, pet parents!

The market of products for pets is growing rapidly and we want to be a part of it. We understand how important your pets are to you and that's why we want to create the best products for them. We want to provide the best quality and service so that you can feel confident in your purchase.

We have a lot of ideas on what kind of products we want to create, but before we start developing anything, we would like your opinion. What would you like us to make?

  • cat tote bag

  • warrior cats

  • adopt a pet

  • custom pet pillow

  • custom pet socks

  • dog water bowl

  • dog tote bag

  • boxer dog gifts

  • raccoon svg
  • pet socks
  • humming bird feeder
Check These Cat Tote Bag Digital Art Prints to use in your Print-on-Demand products 

Winter Weddings are coming up - don't forget to create something amazing for them, too.

Etsy - what to sell on holidays search trends 2022

You may be well into wedding season, but don't forget to start planning items for those winter weddings that are coming up. With snow on the ground and a cooler breeze in the air, winter weddings offer a different type of ideas from your usual summer nuptials.

Here are some trending items you can sell in your Etsy shop:

  • guest book alternative
  • wedding program template
  • bridesmaid pajama set
  • bridesmaid socks
  • bridesmaid slippers
  • bridesmaid robes set of 8
  • acrylic wedding invitations
  • 50th wedding anniversary gifts
  • mother of the bride gift from daughter
  • father of the bride socks

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